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We are a group of approved contractor applicators who are experienced in the application and maintenance of Dryden WoodOil.

We can apply new timber applications through to restoration and refurbishment of timbers on decking and cladding through to shingle and shake roofs.
We can also create a maintenance programme for your home, business or bodycorp to keep your valued asset in prime condition with the minimum of hassle and to help comply with any warrantees and building code specifications associated with the WoodOil coating.


Regular maintenance will significantly increase the life of your timber on your home. Dryden WoodOil is simple to maintain and only needs a minimum of work to keeps its good looks and to continue to protect the timber.


We can remove stains and cosmetic marks where it is desired to lighten or to remove silvering, mould, dirt and grime, mild watermarks  and brighten dull timber.
Remove Oil & Water based Stains, Polyurethanes and some acrylics that have been applied to timber which have weathered allowing cracking and peeling or have failed, exposing timbers to the weather.


For  external cladding, decking, shingles and other timbers.


We offer advice right through to full contract.




Client Feedback

In February we had our cedar home restored using Dryden WoodOil....


Dryden WoodOil

Dryden WoodOil is a deeply penetrating oil with water repelling properties reducing excessive warping, cupping, and splitting of timber, thus extending the service life of those timbers.